Cypress Mill Co.
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Building Solutions That Work

Some things don't change… Hard work and experienced hands will always be indispensable when it comes to getting a job done right. At Cypress Mill, we take delight in applying our skill and knowledge to ensure the success of each client's project.

Our experienced software development team is ready to take on your project — large or small. We can do anything from mobile-friendly websites and apps to native desktop applications.

Cypress Mill Co is more than just another software development shop… We build long term partnerships where our team feels like a natural extension of your organization.

We won't be satisfied until you have a solution that meets your business's needs and exceeds your expectations!

Using The Latest Technologies

Responsive design, decoupled microservices, cloud architecture… Whether you know what these terms mean or not, you can rest assured that we are keeping up with the latest trends in software technology. We've built solutions with widely used and trusted frameworks and platforms such as Python/Django, Ruby on Rails, React, Ember, Heroku, and Amazon Web Services. We're also perfectly happy to use less common languages like Lua or Elixir, or old school tools like Visual C# and Basic, if that's what the job calls for.

Following Industry Best Practices

At Cypress Mill, we believe in doing things the right way and that means following industry best practices such as Agile development processes, test-driven development, and peer code review. This allows us to deliver value early and often, with high quality software that will be reliable and easy to maintain.