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About Cypress Mill Co.

Hello! I'm Jacob Senecal, the founder of Cypress Mill Co. Growing up, I learned the value of working hard and taking pride in my work. For six years before becoming a software developer, I worked in lumber sawmills as a manual laborer and machine operator. I never minded the hard work and always appreciated the fact that I got to work alongside down-to-earth folks producing something tangible and useful.

Developing software may seem as different from sawing lumber as you can get, but I think a lot of the same principles apply. A solid work ethic is still one of the most important ingredients for a successful project. There's also no substitute for an experienced team that knows how to work together, hold each other accountable, and keep things down-to-earth!

Our Team

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Jacob Senecal Owner / Lead Developer

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Alex French Software Developer

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Nick Andrews Software Developer